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Welcome to MBK617 Upcoming Events List!

We extend a warm welcome to you as we unveil our meticulously curated roster of upcoming events. At MBK617, we take pride in presenting an array of thoughtfully designed gatherings aimed at providing unparalleled experiences and fostering meaningful connections.

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Game Tournament

Unleash the Power: Gaming Tournament for a Cause

Gear up for an exhilarating gaming experience with MBK617's Summer Gaming Tournament! Join us in the digital realm as we unite the gaming community for an exciting purpose—to raise funds for the development of MBK617's state-of-the-art STEM/Virtual Reality Lab.

Gaming for a Greater Cause:
Embark on a gaming journey that transcends pixels and screens. This summer, every frag, every victory, and every virtual quest contribute to a tangible impact. Together, we aim to raise funds that will pave the way for the establishment of MBK617's cutting-edge STEM/Virtual Reality Lab.

The Impact:
Funds raised from this gaming tournament will be instrumental in constructing a dedicated STEM/Virtual Reality Lab at MBK617. This facility will serve as a hub for immersive learning experiences, fostering innovation, and nurturing the next generation of tech enthusiasts.


Get Ready to Game with Purpose:
Mark your calendars, assemble your gaming squad, and be part of a virtual event that transcends entertainment. Stay tuned for more details, including registration information, and let the gaming marathon begin!

More Events to come including...

Basketball Tournament
Block Party
Summer Youth Program
Back To School Drive
Thanksgiving Football
Christmas Toy Drive

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