Young Black America

Dear Young Black America,

I know times are hard right now; I know you are scared; we are also afraid. This fight might be new to you, but it has been a struggle for us. We lost so many of these fights, but we are still fighting. We are fighting for you and future generations. Please, we will need everyone for this fight; please do not hurt each other anymore; let us build together. Understand that other “Young Black Americans” are your brothers and sisters. Desire for them as you desire for yourself.

Grow with each other. We have lost so many friends and family to violence. Nothing hurts more than a mother burying her child. Learn to network with one another, support one another. We are from the community and understand the neighborhood. We know the lack of resources, the anger, and the frustration that comes with it. We do not want any more candlelight vigils. One way a lot of us failed is we let our pride get the best of us. Learn about trauma and other ways to deal with your pain.


Love your community. Support local businesses as they bring value to the community. Learn about ownership, buying houses—support young black entrepreneurs. Learn how you have a voice in your town. This fight is a marathon word to Nipsey, play your position; your time will come. Do not hate on each other.


Stay positive even when the world gives you a reason not to. Remember, you will meet many people who do not understand the culture you came from, but do not be shy about it. Show the world what black excellence is. We understand the hardship that systemic racism creates.


We are exhausted, but we cannot stop now.