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  • MBK617 is a nonprofit based out of Dorchester, created to provide mentoring to young men and boys in the Roxbury and Dorchester neighborhoods aged eight and up. Our goal is to reach the youth young enough to show them more to life than hanging in the streets and eventually becoming victims. This allows us to keep friendships going rather than having these kids claim a particular street. The aim is to show our young people that they can make better choices that will lead them to increased academic growth and professional opportunities. 

  • MBK617 Brick by Brick initiative will launch educational and skills training programs. These programs will operate year-round and cover various fields. MBK617 understands every child is different and this initiative will allow youths to select the programs they are most interested in. 

  • MBK617 serves young boys between the ages of 8-22. The boys all come from neighborhoods within Boston with the lowest socioeconomic status and highest crime rates. Our brick-by-brick section will also be available to young girls in the community of the same age group.

  • MBK617 started as gang prevention and exposure therapy summer program. We have since grown into offering educational and skills training programs and still offering youth mentorship and community-based events and activities.


  • MBK617 strives to build community relationships by offering different events and activities that the community can enjoy together. 


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